Emotions are part of the nature of human beings and emotional upsets are part of their life. It is sometimes more disastrous to suppress emotions. The emotional problems affect the interest of the employees himself and the organisatoin in which he is working for. The problems may reduce their productivity, morale and increase absenteeism. Hence the managers should take steps to maintain a reasonable emotional balance of their employees and channelize their emotions on the constructive lines. The instrument with which the managers can achieve such balance is called counselling.Our Counselling is a method of understanding and helping people who have technical, personal and emotional or adjustment problems that usually has emotional contents that an employee with the objective of reducing it so that performance is maintained at adequate level or even improved upon.

Features of Counseling

  1. Counseling is interviewing the person being counselled and helping to solve his problems through human approach of sharing and guidance.
  2. Counseling is sitting down in private setting for an open discussion with an employee. Sometimes it is to pay a sincere compliment, sometimes it is to solve a problem that is hurting productivity/effectiveness, sometimes it is because an employee violated your discipline line and you need to talk about improvement in his behavior.
  3. It is communicating one to one, in private. It is interviewing- it's a two way dialogue and not one way sermonizing or advising.
  4. It is encouraging the other person to to talk about himself so that the problem and it's reasons emerge clearly and solutions can be worked out.
  5. In an organization, counseling can be done by the team leader, supervisor or manager or one can seek the expertise and assistance of an in-house or external professional counselor